Kohl's Eastern, Southern regions recap

The last couple of weeks allowed Kohl's to see some of the best kickers, punters and snappers in the Eastern and Southern regions of the United States. We started a camp tour in Birmingham, Ala., and finished in Boston. Many of the athletes we saw should have a great impact for their high schools this season.

Here is a look of some of the most outstanding performers at each camp.

Eastern regions

Wingate, N.C.
The Charlotte area brought out a lot of tremendous prospects. The top overall performer was 2012 kicker/punter Bradley Pinion (Concord, N.C./Concord), who won the kick off competition with a 75-yard, 3.95-second blast. Pinion also won the punting competition with a 46-yard, 4.72-second punt. His frame and overall talent as a kicker and punter, make him a probable SEC or ACC scholarship recipient. He is someone to keep an eye on in the months to come. 2013 prospect Cecil Burton Jr. (Shelby, N.C./Shelby) also performed very well, hitting multiple 4.5-second punts throughout the day.

Manheim, Pa.
Lance Geesey (Mechanicsburg, Pa./Mechanicsburg) won the kickoff charting portion of camp. The 2012 prospect hit some national level kickoffs for a high school kicker, with a best hang time of 4.1 seconds. Lance Grebe and Austin Grebe (Stafford, Va./Stafford) were the two best punters during the charting session at camp. Donovan Varney (Winchester, Va./Winchester) also had some impressive punts throughout camp.

Baltimore, Md.
Ryan Krueger (Sparta, N.J./Sparta) won the kickoff charting session at camp and was consistently hitting kickoffs to the back of the end zone at camp. Punter Nick Skudrna (Brooklandville, Md./Saint Paul's School) was the most impressive during charting and averaged 39 yards per punt.

Harrisonburg, Va.
Juan Luna (Mount Jackson, Va./Mount Jackson) made a strong impression with the Kohl's staff and made a legitimate claim to having one of the strongest legs in the Class of 2012. He won the kickoff competition with a blast that went 80 yards with a 3.92-second hang time. Another top performer at the camp was 2012 prospect Thomas Meadows (Maidens, Va./Maidens). He charted extremely well in the kickoff session and also hit some great punts throughout the camp. The field goal competition winner was 2012 prospect Colby Cooke (Sandy Hook, Va./Sandy hook), who won with a 49-yarder.

Newark, N.J.
This camp had by far some of the best snapping talent in the country. 2011 prospect Sean Tobin (Holmdel, N.J./ St. John Vianney) had a tremendous day, consistently snapping in the mid-.7s with great rotation and tightness on the football. Not to be outdone was 2011 prospect Rick Lovato (Middleton, N.J./Middleton). He was very consistent with his velocity in the mid-to high-.7s and accuracy. Another top performer was 2011 prospect Anthony Dipaula (Holmdel, N.J./ St. John Vianney). The big lefty crushed some kickoffs and had tremendous pop on his field goals and punts as well. Evan Costello (Sparta, N.J./Sparta) also was also able to easily hit kickoffs over 60 yards in the air. Dipaula and Costello were also the two best punters at camp. They both showed the ability to hit punts that traveled over 40 yards from the line of scrimmage.

Joshua Sommers (Guilderland, N.Y./Guilderland) was the most impressive at camp during the kickoff portion of camp. He showed the best leg strength at camp and was able to consistently hit the end zone with his kickoffs. Summers, along with 2012 kicker/punter Peter Picerelli (Warren, R.I./Warren) were also the two best punters at the camp.

Southern regions

New Orleans
The highlight of camp was when current New Orleans Saints kicker/punter Thomas Morstead hit a punt that went 95 yards in the air from where he was standing. Michael Rasmussen (Orlando, Fla./ Lake Highland Prep) was very impressive, including a kickoff that went 79 yards with 4.16 seconds of hang time. He may be one of the best combo kicker/punters in the nation. He will receive a lot of college interest before the fall season is done. Colby Delahoussave (New Iberia, La./New Iberia) also had a good camp by winning the field goal competition and showing range out to 55 yards on his field goals. He may be one of the nation's best in the 2012 class.

Louisville, Ky.
Tanner Fritschle (Washington, Ind./Washington) won the field goal competition with a 48-yarder. He also had some of the best kickoffs at camp and was the only camper to chart a kickoff that had over four seconds of hang time. Ben Cheaney (Shelby, N.C./Shelby) also kicked off very well at camp. He was easily hitting the end zone on many of his kicks and also was the most impressive punter at camp during the charting session. He averaged over 43 yards per punt.

Will Monday (Flowery Branch, Ga./Flowery Branch) showed everyone why he was one of the nation's best kickers and punters. He hit multiple 70-yard kickoffs and had some booming punts that went over 50 yards in the air. Colin Barber (Cartersville, Ga./Cartersville) averaged 49 yards per punt and also had some hang times over 4.7 seconds in the air. His kickoffs were very solid as well. The windy camp also helped 2012 kicker Austin Hardin (Marietta, Ga./Marietta), 2011 kicker John Pickering (Lambert, Ga./Lambert) and 2013 kicker/punter Preston Slemp (Cartersville, Ga./Cartersville) also hit some kickoffs that had excellent distance and solid hang times. Snapper Danny LaMontague (Lawrenceville, Ga./Lawrenceville) had some of the more impressive snaps we have seen this summer. His velocity and consistency were solid at camp.

Jackson, Miss.
Will Nations (Clinton, Miss./Clinton) won the kickoff portion of camp thanks to multiple 60-yarders. Lewis Hayden, a 2011 punter, won the punting charting session at camp. He averaged over 43 yards a punt and his hang times were consistently over four seconds.

Birmingham, Ala.
Warren Handrahan, a 2012 kicker, consistently put the ball in the end zone and won the kickoff portion of camp. The punting portion of camp was dominated by 2011 prospects Ross Gray and Brian Byrd (Austin, Ala./Austin). They both averaged over 40 yards a punt and Gray averaged over four seconds on his hang times.

Jamie Kohl is the director of Kohl's Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camps.