National Underclassman Challenge

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The 2011 Under Armour All-America Game had the best high school players in America playing in it last week, including specialists. Many of the candidates for next year's game were in attendance at the Kohl's "Invite Only" Underclassmen Challenge. The camp brought out the best kickers, punters and snappers from the 2012 and 2013 classes. There were many talented prospects at camp, but a few stood out amongst the talented field.


The most dominant kicker at camp was 2012 kicker Nick Jordan from Coppell, Texas. He hit a 65-yard field goal in the night session and an 88 yard-kickoff in the windy afternoon session on Saturday. His field goals were clean and high off a one-inch tee, but he does need to work on kicking field goals off the ground to become a complete college-ready guy. His talent should make him an early BCS offer kicker. Overall, the ball jumps off his foot faster than anyone else in this class.

Another 2012 Texas product, Jaden Oberkrom from Arlington, Texas, had an outstanding day on Sunday by going 10 for10 field in the goal charting and winning the kickoff competition. His kickoffs on Sunday consistently had 4.1 seconds of hang time and he is a pure kicker off the ground and another scholarship-worthy kicker from the 2012 class.

Everyone at camp was able to kick 55- to 60-yard field goals at camp. Ross Martin from Walsh Jesuit High School in Ohio continued to show that he is an FBS field goal kicker. His ball flight is so clean and he rarely misses in sessions from 20 to 30 yards out. Plus, his explosiveness and rhythm are scholarship worthy.

Roberto Aguayo, a 2012 kicker/punter from Mascotte, Fla., showed his leg speed and competitiveness are special. He is drawing early interest from Florida State and multiple SEC schools and its clear why. Aguayo had multiple 80-yard-plus kickoffs when the wind was blowing at his back.

Another Florida guy to watch is Bobby Puyol from Dwyer High School. The state champions expect him to start as their QB next year, but he is also an FBS kicker. Puyol's leg speed and rhythm should make him and early offer guy from some big college schools.

James Grigsby from Shadow Ridge High School in Nevada won the field goal completion by making a 60-yard field goal off the ground in the still, cold air on Saturday night. He showed impressive leg strength all camp long.

Nick St. Germain from Powder Springs, Ga., showed up in the kickoff competition and put multiple through the uprights the day before. His ball striking off the ground is very impressive for someone who has yet to play his senior season.

Cobly Delahousse from New Iberia, La., caught our attention by showing great range all camp long, especially hitting multiple 55- to 60-yard field goals on Saturday night.

Korey Durkee, a big 2012 kicker from Gig Harbor, Wash., showed very well in the field goal charting session on Sunday.

Sean Covington is a 2013 athlete that is ahead of his age in leg speed and his talent fit right in with the top guys in the 2012 class.


Colin Barber from Cartersville, Ga., was the most impressive punter at camp. He started camp with a bang and showed well in drill work throughout camp. He hit multiple punts between 50 and 65 yards in the air from the line of scrimmage. His frame and leg speed make him a special punting prospect, but he still needs to refine some of his ball striking skills.

After Barber there were about five other guys who separated themselves at camp. J.D. Strawbridge from Montgomery, Ala., and Bryan Holmes from Holland, Mich., showed that they could be outstanding college punters. Joe Figenshaw from Sugarland, Texas, is another who caught our eye at camp because he has a strong leg and is able to repeat his motion more consistently than most punters his age. His leg strength and hang times are solid. Sean Covington was also mentioned as a kicker, but he did perform well in the punting competition by winning it with a blast that was 57 yards in the air. David Reisner from South Elgin High School in Illinois showed a big punting leg by hitting a 5.0 second hang time during the punting competition.


Scott Daly, a 2012 snapper from Downers Grove, Ill., won the snapping competition at camp. His frame and explosive snapping were very impressive all camp long. He is an FBS snapper in the waiting. Another top level snapping prospect, Reid Ferguson from Buford, Ga., has a great frame and impressive velocity when he fires the ball back to the punters. Danny LaMontagne from Brookwood High School in Georgia, Colton Donavan from Utah and Thomas Hennessy from Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey also showed that they will be able to start in college early in their careers.

Overall, this camp had many guys who will be playing college football in attendance. It is still very early in the recruiting cycle for this group of athletes but many of these names will be highly sought after in the months to come.

Jamie Kohl is the director of Kohl's Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camps.