Pennsylvania Kohl's camp

IMPERIAL, Pa. -- The Kohl's camps traveled to Western Pennsylvania this weekend and held camp at West Alleghany High School. This is the same camp that last year produced Under Armour All-American and Texas A&M recruit Taylor Bertolet. This year's camp did not have anyone as good as Bertolet, but overall the crop of talent was stronger than last year's camp.

The most impressive all-around specialist was 2012 kicker/punter Bryant Myer from Manheim, Pa. His brother, Justin Myer, is the starting kickoff specialist at Virginia Tech. Bryant won the punting competition and hit the uprights during the kickoff drills. The lefty has drawn interest from multiple colleges already and will continue to do so this spring and summer. He is well trained by coaches John Phillips and Mike Williams and he should compete well at some national camps this summer.

Brad Lukasak, a 2012 kicker from Owigburg, Pa., was also very impressive at camp. The ball jumped off his foot on field goals like a Division I kicker. His leg speed and field goals off the ground were impressive all camp long. His kickoffs are solid for a high school athlete and he should compete for some Division I scholarship offers in the months to come.

Paul Aponza, a 2013 kicker from Middle Island, N.Y., was a younger athlete who showed a lot of potential at camp. His raw power and ability to compete in competitions was evident all weekend. Aponza won the field goal competition by hitting a 55-yarder and finished second in the punting competition. His improvement at camp was dramatic and he is someone to watch in the years to come.

Austin Grebe, a 2012 kicker from North Stafford, Va., showed why he is a nationally rated kicker and punter. He hit the longest charted kickoff at camp -- a 78-yarder that and had 3.95 seconds of hang time. It was heavily wind-aided but still a very impressive blast for a high school athlete.

Ryan Graylish, a 2012 kicker from Mars, Pa., showed great range on his field goals at camp. His leg strength on field goals is at the college level, but his kickoffs need to improve in order to become an elite kicker.

2012 punters Alex Lane (Kittanning, Pa.) and Matt Spegal (Bethel Park, Pa.) were impressive at times during camp. Both showed well at times but both also showed they need to work on some technical things to reach their potential. 2013 kicker Mark Zavrl from Andover, Mass. showed well again. He won the field goal competition held in Iowa back in January and continues to improve kicking off the ground. He is advanced for his age and will be someone to watch for years to come.

Kevin Sollenberger, a 2012 snapper from Ephrata, Pa., charted well at camp by making 12 of 22 snaps through the target. He also ran well and showed great footwork during the protection phase of camp. Patrick Hall, a 2013 snapper from Pittsburgh, Pa., won the long snap contest held at the end of camp. He outlasted a strong field of competitors to win the event. James Bedell also deserves getting mentioned by his impressive camp performance for someone who is only going to be a freshman next season. He was able to compete with everyone at camp during the accuracy portion of camp.