Kohl's Midwest, Mountain showcases

This weekend allowed the Kohl's staff to see many of the most talented specialists in two geographic regions. The Midwest and the Mountain regions were well represented this weekend. All told, we saw a large group of specialists from these regions looking to make a name for themselves.

Midwest showcase

Kickers and punters
Brad Lukasak, a 2012 kicker from Blue Mountain, Pa. may have had the most overall talent at the camp. He won the kickoff charting session and hit field goals very well during the drill work phase of camp that had great height and rotation. He seems to handle pressure well and has the explosive leg college coaches are looking for. He battled through a minor back strain in the afternoon session and still represented himself well. Look for him to compete for some big-time college opportunities this summer.

Ron Coluzzi, a 2012 kicker from Naperville, Ill., may have had the best day overall. He won the FG competition and the kickoff competition in the afternoon session. His field goals are impressive and his kickoffs are solid. He is someone who has FBS talent and could improve technically to make himself a top 10 kicker in the nation. His ability to compete and his overall explosiveness caught our eye. He definitely made a name for himself and should be in consideration for many college opportunities.

Bret Nethery, a 2012 punter from Greendale High School in Wisconsin is the punter who had the best overall day at camp. He did chart a punt that had 4.88 hang time at camp. He did finish first amongst high school athletes in the punting competition and showed the leg strength college coaches are looking for in a punter. However, his rhythm and tempo need to get faster over the next couple of months to become a complete punter.

Brandon Hann, a 2012 punter from Byron Center, Mich., may have had the best punting tools at camp. His frame and overall leg speed are what college coaches are looking for when they recruit a punter. His steps and lack of extension are currently red flags that he can work on to improve.

Jeff Lemp, a 2012 punter from Osceola, Ind., won the punt charting session during the morning. He was able to consistently hit balls that were spirals. Reese Ewert, a 2012 punter from Abbotsford, Wis., and Andrew Yoxall, a 2012 kicker/punter from, Minneapolis, Kan., also charted well at camp during the punt charting session.

Matt Grams, a 2012 kicker from San Marino, Calif., showed big-time potential during the showcase camp. We really liked his coordination and rhythm on field goals. His ball flight was repeatable and his ability to open up his foot was impressive. Grant Amick also charted very well on his kickoffs for a 2013 kicker.

Chase Szostak, from Standish, Mich., charted extremely well at camp. His kickoffs and field goals at times were the best at camp. He did struggle during the drill work phase of camp. His "A" ball was as good as anyone at camp. He is someone to follow as the summer goes on.

Matt Easley, a 2012 kicker from Newton, Iowa, Jesse Boulemar, a 2012 kicker from Portage, Mich., and Andy Columbe, a 2012 kicker from Pewaukee, Wis., both had solid days at camp and showed college-level talent during the camp.

This weekend also produced a large pool of talent that provided many top qualities you look for when choosing a snapper for the next level. Many of the snappers took part in the one-day training camp on Saturday and then turned around and competed on Sunday.

Finishing at the top of the 2012 class was a back-and-forth battle between Zach Hirth, from Eureka, Mo., and Jake Hurrell, from St. Charles, Mo. Hirth finished the day connecting on 9 of 15 long snaps and 14 of 15 short snaps. He also recorded the best snap time of .69 seconds with a camp average of .72 seconds. Hirth proved that pressure was no match for him as he stepped up to the challenge and hit 3 of 3 snaps to win the snap competition to close out camp. Hurrell also had a great day going 9 of 15 on long snaps and 15 of 15 on short snaps. He finished with a snap average of .77 seconds with his fastest snap of the day being .74 seconds.

The most explosive snapper at camp was Reid Ferguson, from Buford, Ga. He recorded a best snap time of .64 seconds giving him a .69 second average overall. Reid has the "wow" factor when he snaps. As the ball is released from his hands, you can hear the chatter from punters, snappers and on-lookers about how fast the ball is traveling. Reid was offered by San Diego State University on Saturday afternoon.

Bobby Ramlet, from Appleton, Wis., showed great consistency throughout camp. He has a long frame and controls his body very well. During the live snaps to the punters, Ramlet snapped the ball extremely well putting every snap right on the belt. He has shown tremendous growth over the last couple of years as a Kohl's snapper and continues to improve at each camp. He finished the day with a snap time average of .74 seconds.

The top underclassmen (2013) at camp was Dalton Gilbert, from Leon, Iowa. He showed excellent consistency all day on both long and short snaps. He was 7 of 15 on made snaps and 13 of 15 hitting the target from 14 yards. He went a solid 15 of 15 on short snaps with an average snap time of .72 seconds. He also proved he has the ability to be a great cover guy when he recorded a 40 time of 4.7 seconds.

Top kicking prospect: Brad Lukasek
Top kicking performer: Ron Coluzzi
Punting competition winner: Bret Nethery
Most explosive snapper: Reid Ferguson
Snapping competition winner: Zach Hirth

Mountain showcase

Kickers and punters
The Kohl's showcase in the Denver area was a smaller gathering that included two great prospects in the Class of 2013. Redford Jones, from Norman North High School in Oklahoma, and Luc Swimberghe, from Lindale High School in Texas, have to be closely watched these next two seasons. Along with them, there were two 2012 athletes who -- with some fine-tuning -- could open some eyes next year.

Swimberghe was the best combination field goal, kickoff and punt specialist at the camp. Finishing slightly behind Jones on field goal percentage, winning the kickoff competition in impressive style and coming in a close second in punting. He is capable of 75-yard kickoffs with a 3.8-secong hang time and the distance is already there. The next two seasons should give him plenty of time to increase the hang time. Sheer leg strength allows him to be successful as a punter right now, but he needs more technical refinement.

Jones was the most impressive field goal specialist at the camp connecting on 90 percent of his kicks. Kicking off the ground already, as a sophomore, he is FBS ready for field goals because of his consistent and smooth stroke, but is not quite there yet for kickoffs. Most high school athletes make their biggest gains in kickoffs during their junior and senior years, which Redford has not yet reached, so he is going to be someone to keep a close eye on.

In the 2012 class, Patrick McQueen, from Mountain View High Schoolin Colorado, showed the mental toughness that is needed to win games and desired by coaches. In the field goal competition his back was against the wall with some early misses, forcing him to connect on all of his field goals from 45, 50, and 55 yards. This helped him finish behind Jones and Swimberghe. However, he and Jones tied later on in a single-miss elimination field goal competition. Both of them were the last ones standing after connecting from 57 yards.

Kale Joyce was the most polished punter at the Denver showcase. He displayed an impressive combination of distance and hang time on punts throughout the course of the camp. At this time, he is capable of a 50-yard, 4.8-seconds punt but he needs to improve his tempo to do it on a consistent basis under game conditions. He shows the desire, dedication and hard work necessary to make that happen, so watch from him this next season.

FG percentage winner: Redford Jones
Kickoff charting winner: Luc Swimberghe
Punt chart winner: Kale Joyce
FG competition winners: Redford Jones and Patrick McQueen
Punt competition winner: David Luck
Kickoff best ball winner: Luc Swimberghe