Southern and Eastern Kohl's showcases

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- The Southern Showcase had 25 to 35 mph winds that brought out record performances by many athletes. This camp was far and away the most talented group of athletes we saw during the six spring showcase camps.

Brad Pinion, from Charlotte, N.C., stole the thunder with a kickoff that went 100 yards in the air and had 4.42 seconds of hang time. It legitimately was the longest kickoff ever witnessed by our staff. The distance is so absurd unless you were at camp you probably don't believe it. A performance like this will change the recruiting road for Pinion.

Austin Hardin, from Marietta, Ga., made a strong statement that he should be among the top kickers in the nation. His field goals are impressive off the ground and he showed consistency during the drill work phase of camp that was very impressive. He hit 50-yard field goals into the 35 mph wind at camp and won the kickoff competition with a blast that went 84 yards and had 4.1 seconds of hang-time.

Nick St. Germain, from Power Springs, Ga., has gotten better and is also making a run at being the best overall kicker in America. His mental toughness and ball striking may be the best in the 2012 class. Florida and other SEC schools are in heavy pursuit. He is a clutch kicker who hit multiple 80-yard kickoffs.

Ryan Rodwell, from DeLand, Fla., moved up in our eyes as a legitimate FBS punting prospect. His hang times and repeatability are impressive for a high school athlete. His big frame, flexibility and smooth hands should help him this summer as colleges start to seek him out.

Paul Griggs, from Charlotte, N.C., had a solid showing throughout the day in both kicking and punting. His frame and overall confidence are impressive for a high school kicker/punter. He hit a clean ball of the ground and is very capable to compete at the FBS level. He will receive a lot of interest this summer as a combo kicker/punter.

Worth Gregory, from Fort Mill, S.C., also showed flashes of FBS punting ability. His short, two-step approach and overall leg speed will attract a lot of college interest in the weeks and months to come.

Caleb Patterson, from Lyman, S.C., won the FG competition with a 65-yard blast. He made 18 FG last season for his high school team and hit the ball better than ever off the ground. His field goals and mental focus are FBS level, however, his kickoffs need some work to be at the FBS level.

Josh Applebee, from Harvest, Ala.; George Bullock, from Knoxville, Tenn.; Ryan Domangue, from Houma, La.; Kris Harris, from Columbia, Tenn.; and Kevin McLaughlin, from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; all showed FBS talent at times at camp.

Danny Krysalka, from Ocala, Fla., and Austin Taylor, from Punta Gorda, Fla., were the most impressive underclassmen at camp. Their hips are very powerful and they both did a great job for younger athletes in the drill work phase of camp.

Joseph Smith, a snapper from Easley High School in South Carolina, came out on fire connecting on 8 of 10 on his long snaps. He finished the day going 9 for 15 with 11 of 15 total target hits and an average snap time of .67 seconds.

Another young man who had a good day on the field was Jakey Dunagan, from Piedmont Academy in Monticello, Ga. Dunagan was very consistent and spent his day around the target with 13 of 15 hits and 6 of 15 targets made. He has a great frame and definitely looks the part. He finished his day with a .70 second average snap time.

Jacob Holland, from Toombs County HS in Vidalia, Ga., stepped up during the afternoon session by winning the snap challenge competition to close out camp.

Best punter: Brad Pinion
Best overall kicker: Austin Hardin
FG competition winner: Caleb Patterson
Punting competition winner: Brad Pinion
Kickoff competition winner: Austin Hardin
Best snapper: Joseph Smith

Eastern showcase

This camp had a solid collection of talent from a 10-state area, but the group that stood out the most were the punters. There were some impressive performances during both the charting session and the drill work phase of camp in Union, N.J.

Connor Kornbrath, from Bridgeport, W.Va., had the best afternoon by winning both the kickoff and punting competitions at camp. His winning kickoff went 69 yards and had 4.1 seconds of hang time. His short, two-step approach allowed him to find his rhythm and get into a groove during the drill work phase of camp and it continued on in the punting competition. The 6-foot-6 punter has an FBS frame and should be a punter and kickoff specialist at the next level.

Bryant Myer, from Manheim Central in Pa., showed an FBS punting leg and his kickoffs were impressive. His laid back demeanor and ability to compete should help him have success in the years to come. Bryant's pure "A" ball can compete with anyone in the country in punting. However, his drop and stepping pattern can still improve in the upcoming months to maximize his consistency.

Sean Decloux, from Ottawa, Canada, is someone to watch over the next 6-12 months. He is transferring to a school in Delaware and has the potential to be outstanding. He had two charted punts that had 5.0 seconds of hang time, which is very rare for a high school athlete. His kickoffs and field goals were also impressive at times. If he can improve is techniuque, he has the potential to be one of the kicker/punter in the nation.

Allem Sunanon, from Orlando, Fla., showed his kickoff hang times and overall punting ability are at the college level. His drop was the best at camp and his punting was the most consistent. He punts like a college punter and his "A" ball is better than you would expect from someone who is 5-8. He had a 4.89 hang time during the drill work phase of camp and his field goals are solid off the ground as well. He made 9 of 10 during the charting phase of camp.

Blake Feagles, from Ridgewood, N.J., is an athlete who is learning how to punt from his dad -- former NFL legend Jeff Feagles. Blake is a multi-position athlete who is starting to get serious as a punter and has a quick leg and a great drop that allows him to consistently hit punts that traveled over 40 yards and to consistently hit hang times in the 4.2-4.3 range.

Hunter Niswander, from Peninsula, Ohio, might have had the best field goal drill work session at camp. The big 2013 kicker has a smooth stroke and is someone to watch as he develops.

Ryan Gralish won the field goal contest at camp and was able to control his very strong leg to put the ball where it needed to go when the lights came on. His field goal range may have been the best at camp.

Thomas Meadows, from Goochland County HS in Virginia, showed college level talent on both field goals and punting at camp. He is a very coordinated ball striker who should be on the radar for a lot of college programs.

Snapper Thomas Hennessy, from Bardonia, N.Y., had an outstanding day putting 8 of 15 through the target and is the first snapper to connect with the target on all 15 long snaps. He stayed consistent from start to finish and ended the day with a .77 second snap time average and went home as the snap challenge winner. Kevin Sollenberger, from Akron, N.J., went head to head with Hennessy during the snapping competition. Christian Manns, from Canton, Ohio, also had an impressive day connecting on 8 of 15 long snaps and 15 of 15 short snaps. Patrick Hall was the most explosive snapper with a camp best registered snap time of .62 seconds.

Most outstanding performer: Allem Sunanon
FG winner: Ryan Gralish
Punt/kickoff competition winner: Connor Kornbrath
Most outstanding snapper: Thomas Hennesssy