Grading scale

The grading scale for basketball recruiting is similar to the grading scale used for football, with a few subtle differences.

RecruitingNation High School Basketball Grading System

90-100: High-major plus prospect (5 stars)
Player demonstrates rare abilities. He should have an immediate impact at a national program with the potential for early entry into the NBA.

85-89: High-major prospect (4 stars)
Player is the centerpiece to a high-major program who starts three to four years.

80-84: High-major minus prospect (4 stars)
Player has the potential to significantly contribute to a high-major program over four years.

70-79: Mid-major plus prospect (3 stars)
Player is a fringe high-major recruit who contributes or a standout mid-level recruit.

65-69: Mid-major prospect (2 stars)
Player is a multi-year starter at the mid-major level.

60-64: Mid-major minus prospect (2 stars)
Player is a role player at the mid-major level.

50-59: Low-major prospect (1 star)
Player is a low-major Division I prospect.

NR: Pending Prospect
Player evaluation is pending film.

How RecruitingNation evaluates

In order for RecruitingNation to grade any high school prospect, we must have seen the player in action, either on tape or in person. The following links provide an overview of what skills and abilities RecruitingNation looks for when evaluating prospects at each position:

Point guards
Shooting guards
Small forwards
Power forwards