Bob Knight


The Daryl Thomas pass was more important than the shot. The play that Smart made before that, when he tried to get the ball away from Derrick Coleman on a return pass after an inbounds pass, when he fouled Coleman and put him on the line … those two things were more important than Smart's shot.

We didn't even take a timeout. The thing that was so good about what Smart did was, we had scored and were down by one, I think, and we had a timeout with about 40-something seconds to go, but we wanted to foul Coleman. But they made a very good play, because Coleman took the ball out of bounds, but they had to throw it back to him. Smart, knowing what we wanted to do, tried to get the ball -- damn near got it. He didn't, but he fouled Coleman in the process. So if you would write those things people would think you were brilliant, because no one else is smart enough to figure that out.