Rony Seikaly


What I remember clearly was that we started kind of celebrating with about 10 seconds left in the game, thinking that we had the game won. Derrick [Coleman] got fouled, and we were up one point. We thought we had it locked, and then we played defense with seven seconds to go. It was like the longest seven seconds in your life. When that ball went up, I was like, "Wait." I was going for rebounding position, so I went to the opposite side of where Keith Smart was shooting, thinking that the [shot] was coming off and I'm just going to run home with it. It just kind of seemed like it was in slow motion. I saw the trajectory of the ball leaving his hands and it was just like a surreal moment.

We weren't trying to key in on Keith. We hadn't called a timeout, so we just scrambled back to play defense. Obviously the game plan was to make sure to keep an eye on all the shooters. But I thought we played good defense. Those are basically the game-changers basically of life. It's always like this. Whether you're in the business world or you're a politician or a dictator, there's that one move that you make that changes the outcome of everything. It was just one of those moments where you can't believe what just happened.