Michael Lee


When I see pictures, I cringe. My stomach turns. I always think, "You idiot. Just get the ball off. Just get it off." You just play it back in your head. You go right back to that moment and say, "All I had to do was get the shot off. All I had to do was pump fake." I knew it was going in. It hurts. I thought I had more time. I knew the pass was coming about a half-second before it happened. I knew that ball was coming. I had myself ready. I thought I had more time.

My running joke is that I'm on the wrong side of history. It's funny, because our athletic director here at San Francisco was an associate AD at Syracuse back in 2003. He said, "Mike, you're a part of Syracuse history." I'm somewhere on one of their walls. That photo was probably framed and laminated and blown up into a life-sized picture.