Chris Webber


It was 20 seconds left and I started dribbling the ball. We are down by two. Get it on our side of the court, I picked up my dribble. I called a timeout. That was, whatever I did that's what was going through my head. And it probably cost our team the game.

If I would have known we didn't have any timeouts left, I wouldn't have called a timeout so, like I said, obviously I didn't know and that probably cost our team the game. Whether I heard voices or not, that doesn't matter. I called a timeout when we didn't have one.

Truthfully, you know I really don't remember all the situations. All I know is that, obviously I didn't [have backcourt help]. I don't think I saw anybody that was open. And then the count was on, I just did not know we didn't have a timeout. If there was someone else to pass it to I would have passed it to them. I don't remember, maybe someone was open. I don't know.

-- Editor's note: Quotes from postgame news conference