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51. Oklahoma A&M, 1946

Bob Kurland was the Shaq of the 1940s. College basketball officials didn't really like the fact that he could snatch shots from the air, so they implemented a goaltending rule. Kurland scored 23 points for Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State) in its 43-40 victory over North Carolina in the 1946 title game. It's difficult to measure teams from this era against more modern programs because eight teams made the NCAA tournament field. Also, few players in that era could match Kurland's size and skill. In the title game, 6-foot-6 Horace McKinney encountered early foul trouble as he tried to contain the 7-footer. It would not have been that easy against a team that featured some of the talented bigs who arrived in subsequent decades.
-- Myron Medcalf