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71. Indiana, 1940

The Hoosiers' first NCAA title came in a season when they didn't even win the Big Ten. Purdue (10-2) was the conference champion, but the NCAA tournament selected Indiana (9-3) because it had defeated the Boilermakers twice. The tournament was only in its second season and wasn't regarded as a very big deal. IU's faculty athletics committee almost didn't allow the Hoosiers to participate. Luckily, it did. Indiana defeated Kansas 60-42 in Kansas City, marking the first time all season it had reached the 60-point plateau. An Associated Press account of the game noted that Branch McCracken's Indiana squad shot "an amazing 33 percent" against KU. Normal shooting percentages in those days were about half of that. Marvin Huffman scored 12 points in the title game. -- Jason King