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AP Photo/Bill Haber

58. Denied by Warrick

Ask someone about Syracuse's 2003 run to the title, and they might suggest that Carmelo Anthony did it alone. And that's just not true. He was surrounded by other talents such as Hakim Warrick. Warrick's last-second block of Michael Lee's 3-point attempt sealed Syracuse's 81-78 win in the national championship over a veteran Kansas squad. "Block" seems like such an understatement though. Warrick turned into Spider-Man as he glided from the paint to the perimeter with uncanny speed and extended his hand to swat a shot that could have tied the score. It's one thing to have the instincts to contest the shot. It's another thing to possess the athleticism to actually cover that distance and block it. But that's exactly what Harrick did.
-- Myron Medcalf