Bo Kimble shot his first free throw in the 1990 NCAA tournament left-handed, in honor of his friend Hank Gathers who passed away earlier that season.
Courtesy of LMU Athletics

8. Kimble shoots lefty

In the late 1980s, Bo Kimble and Hank Gathers led the nation's most vibrant offense at Loyola Marymount. Kimble led the nation in scoring with 35.3 ppg, and Gathers, his teammate and best friend, averaged 29.0 ppg. The duo's connection ended tragically when Gathers collapsed and died during the 1990 West Coast Conference tournament. During an NCAA tournament opening-round matchup against New Mexico State that year, Kimble shot his first free throw with his left hand to honor his fallen teammate. And he made it. Gathers was right-handed, but he liked to shoot with his left. As Loyola Marymount pushed toward the Elite Eight, Kimble shot and made two more free throws with his left hand. He was 3-for-3. The gesture captivated the nation. -- Myron Medcalf