North Carolina and Lennie Rosenbluth (No. 10) vanquished Kansas in the 1957 title game.
UNC Athletic Communications

39. Lennie Rosenbluth, North Carolina

The All-America forward (No. 10) led North Carolina to an undefeated 32-0 season in 1957, scoring 20 points in a three-overtime thriller in which the Tar Heels beat Wilt Chamberlain's Kansas Jayhawks 54-53 to win UNC's first national title. At 6-foot-5, Rosenbluth wouldn't be considered a big man by today's tall standards, but he sure played big, averaging 28 points over five tournament games that season. He still holds multiple Tar Heels records and can still be found today at UNC games, urging the current Tar Heel post players to use the backboard.
-- Robbi Pickeral