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21. Wilt Chamberlain, Kansas

Before North Carolina played the Jayhawks in the 1957 national championship game, Tar Heels coach Frank McGuire told his team: "We aren't playing Kansas; we're playing Wilt Chamberlain." College basketball had never seen anything like Chamberlain, a 7-foot-2 sophomore from Philadelphia, who averaged 32.6 points and 16 rebounds in Kansas' first three victories of the '57 NCAA tournament. All season, opponents collapsed on Chamberlain with three and four players, daring his teammates to take open shots. UNC employed the same strategy, and it worked. The Tar Heels "held" Chamberlain to 23 points and 14 rebounds in a 54-53 three-OT win in the finals, the only three-OT game in NCAA final history. -- Mark Schlabach