This is all you need (before more games are played)

Ever heard of Nostradamus? Ha! A rank amateur! This is the official, fully authorized, bubble-approved, obsequious, smug and arrogant guide to figuring out the NCAA Tournament bubble picture.

There is no further need for the selection committee to watch games, review records or have thoughtful discussion. All one needs to do is to read and comprehend this tome, and all will be crystal clear. Yes friends, read this, and you too will have all of the answers, just like us talking heads on TV!

Warning: This Bubble Guide is for amusement only. If you are a player or coach, please do not cease playing or coaching to the best of your ability, for slacking off thinking you have it made or are cooked might alter the rock-solid perfect projections of this guide. Similarly, if you are a rabid fan, please do not change any flight or hotel arrangements based upon these projections, as perfect and on the mark as they might be. To have the global economy affected by this projection would be unfortunate. And, please, wagering based upon these projections is discouraged, as is shooting fish in a barrel.