Ugly celebration leaves police among the wounded

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- At least 17 people were arrested and a
police officer was among several people injured when the
celebration of Maryland's NCAA basketball championship turned

Prince George's County police arrested nine people, three of
whom were students, acting chief Gerald M. Wilson said Tuesday.
University police arrested eight people, none of whom were
students, according to a university spokeswoman.

Despite an increased police presence, the crowd turned riotous
following Maryland's 64-52 victory over Indiana in Monday's
national championship game. The crowd broke the window of bicycle
shop, lighted bonfires and threw bottles and other objects at

Those arrested were charged with crimes ranging from breaking
and entering to disorderly conduct, Wilson said.

One state trooper was injured by a bottle that hit him in the
jaw, but Wilson said he did not know the extent of the injuries.

In Bloomington, Ind., about 30 people were arrested on charges
including public intoxication, criminal mischief and disorderly
conduct, police said. At least four people were charged with
battery on a police officer.

Approximately 40 people were treated for a variety of injuries,
including burns, cuts and too much alcohol, a Bloomington Hospital
official said.

Flying debris caused head cuts for two state troopers, who
required stitches, and minor injuries to 21 Bloomington officers,
officials said.