Fresno State player pleaded a week ago

FRESNO, Calif. -- Police again are investigating reports
that Fresno State basketball player Terry Pettis was involved in
domestic disturbances, less than a week after he pleaded no contest
to misdemeanor assault and vandalism charges involving a former

Pettis, 19, also may have violated a restraining order, police

The incidents took place Oct. 5, Oct. 7 and Oct. 8, police said,
just days before Pettis entered his no contest plea on charges
related to two incidents in September.

Police would not provide details of the latest investigation.

"It's a serious situation," Fresno State athletic director
Scott Johnson said Tuesday. "I'm very supportive of [coach] Ray
[Lopes] and his staff, but if there are repeated violations, I have
to support the policies I believe in."

Lopes declined to comment.

The former girlfriend said that she and Pettis had a "really
unhealthy relationship."

Police said the latest incidents involving Pettis' former
girlfriend might have occurred after a judge ordered Pettis to stay
away from her.

Pettis paid $4,500 in restitution for breaking the victim's
apartment window, stomping on the roof of her car and snapping off
a side-view mirror on Sept. 24.

The battery charge stemmed from a Sept. 23 incident during which
Pettis punched the victim in the back.

Pettis has been suspended indefinitely from the basketball team.