Telfair debated pros before picking Cardinals

NEW YORK -- The NBA is on hold ... for now.

After considerable speculation about his college and pro prospects, point guard Sebastian Telfair announced Thursday that he will attend the University of Louisville, the New York Daily News reported in Friday's editions.

"I will be attending the University of Louisville with coach Rick Pitino," Telfair said. "Basically, it was the only school I considered."

Telfair ultimately decided to go the college route after discussing his options with his family, his coach and a friend -- Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Lebron James.

"My brother Danny (Turner) is a big Carmelo Anthony fan," Telfair told the Daily News. "He saw Carmelo win the national title last year and we talked about how great that was," Telfair said. "I can't see skipping that."

Telfair, the younger cousin of Phoenix Suns guard Stephan Marbury, is one of the top high school players in the country. Perhaps the clearest example of the basketball world's increasing infatuation with younger players, Telfair has been followed nationally since he was in fifth grade.

"He's a dynamic guard, he knows the game, he works hard," one ACC coach told the paper. "While so many people were talking about how he wasn't ready for the NBA, I think they forgot how great a college guard he is going to be."

Telfair told the Daily News that he will probably sign a national letter of intent in the spring, in order to protect himself against an unexpected coaching change.

"I know everything will be fine with Louisville, but it's just the smart thing," Telfair said.