Knight did not attend meeting

Texas Tech coach Bob Knight had little good to say about the National Association of Basketball Coaches meeting about ethical lapses in the coaching profession held earlier this month.

When the Dallas Morning News asked him about the meeting, which he did not attend, he was blunt.

"I would have rather listened to Saddam Hussein speak on civil rights than some of the people that have spoken on ethics to this point," Knight told the paper.

When asked if he would want to speak out about ethics in coaching, Knight replied, "I have no interest in it. I run what I do the way I run it and that's enough. I spend enough time trying to do things and deal with problems. Probably nobody has worked more at it than I have. I finished that a long time ago."

About 300 Division I basketball coaches agreed to adopt a code of ethics at the meeting Oct. 15.

The mandatory meeting was called in the wake of problems at Georgia, Fresno State, Baylor and other schools. Coaches who didn't attend the session lost the right to buy Final Four tickets.

Former Georgetown coach John Thompson, who spoke to the assembled coaches, said Knight was one of the few men who likely didn't need to attend the meeting.

"If anybody could afford not to be here, it's Bobby Knight," Thompson said. "He's a lot of things, but he's not someone who's not concerned about this game. Just because he was not here does not mean that he will be inactive for the cause."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.