Dakich retracts call to fire officiating director

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio -- Bowling Green basketball coach Dan
Dakich apologized Friday for negative comments he made about the
officiating in his team's loss Wednesday night.

Dakich called for the firing of Eric Harmon, the MAC's director
of officials, after the Falcons lost 81-75 at Indiana-Purdue-Fort

"Eric Harmon ... should be ashamed," Dakich said after the
game. "Actually, he should be fired for putting people on the
floor who performed the way they did today."

Dakich's comments prompted the Mid-American Conference to post a
statement on its Web site Friday admonishing the coach.

Harmon did not assign the officials for the game, which Dakich
acknowledged Friday in his apology.

"I don't think I represented myself or my institution very
well. Commenting on officials is not something a coach should ever
do," Dakich said. "I've already personally apologized to Eric

"Eric, who has been a friend of mine and whom I still consider
to be a close friend, had nothing to do with that situation."

MAC commissioner Rick Chryst said he accepted Dakich's apology,
but cautioned the coach against making similar statements in the

"I am extremely disappointed in the irresponsibility of Dan's
remarks. ... In my view, his statements dishonor himself, his
institution and his profession," Chryst said.

"Additionally, this public reprimand should serve even further
notice that actions of this type are simply unacceptable," Chryst