Appeals court: No violation of antitrust law

CINCINNATI -- Sports promoters failed to overturn an NCAA
rule limiting tournament appearances involving Division I
basketball teams when an appeals court rejected their antitrust
suit Monday.

The rule limits teams to two preseason tournaments in four
years. The promoters argued the rule prevented them from inviting
teams to more tournaments.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the promoters failed
to show a violation of antitrust law because they didn't define a
market in which the rule could be anticompetitive. That ruling
reversed a 2003 decision in favor of the promoters, prompting an
NCAA appeal.

The lawsuit was filed by Cincinnati-based Worldwide Basketball,
Sports Tours International, Dorna Sports Promotions and the Gazelle

Those groups organize or promote tournaments including the Las
Vegas Classic, the San Juan Shootout, the Coaches vs. Cancer event
and the National Association of Basketball Coaches Classic. Similar
events to which the rule applies include the Great Alaska Shootout,
Maui Invitational and Preseason NIT.

Each Division I school is limited to 28 regular-season games. A
team can appear in more games by playing in exempt tournaments.
Each tournament counts as one game against the NCAA limit.