Larkai ordered to trial after woman testifies of rape

PHILADELPHIA -- A former member of the La Salle men's
basketball will stand trial on a rape charge after a former member
of the women's team testified he had sex with her last year while
she was asleep.

Dzaflo Larkai was ordered to stand trial by a judge following
the woman's testimony Tuesday. An arraignment was scheduled for
Jan. 18.

Assistant District Attorney James Carpenter said it's against
the law to have sex with a sleeping person. Defense lawyer Colin
Hueston contends the woman was awake and the sex was consensual.

The woman told authorities this year that she had informed both
women's coach John Miller and men's coach Billy Hahn in 2003 about
the alleged assault, but declined to file charges at the coaches'
urging. Both coaches denied that account.

The alleged attack was not reported to police for another 14
months, when another young woman testified she was raped by two of
Larkai's teammates. Gary Neal and Michael Cleaves are awaiting
trial in that case.