Juniors discussing options with coach

URBANA, Ill. -- Illinois juniors Deron Williams and Dee
Brown said Tuesday they aren't thinking yet about the NBA draft,
but coach Bruce Weber is already discussing their options with

"We are just trying to educate them, help them know their
options and just where they stand," Weber said. "I want to make
sure we're doing the right thing for all of them. Their decision
has to be an educated decision."

Weber said the chances are "pretty good" that Williams will
turn pro, but Williams didn't want to talk about it after the
team's annual awards banquet Tuesday night.

"I'm on vacation," was his repeated response to questions on
the subject.

Brown also said he hasn't made a decision about turning pro.

"I'm not really thinking about it right now," he said while
signing dozens of autographs. "A lot of people have been thinking
about it for me."

Weber visited with Brown and his mother earlier Tuesday and said
Brown "is probably going to come back."

Players who want to enter the NBA draft early must file by May
14. Underclassmen who declare for the June 28 draft can return to
school if they do not hire an agent.

Williams, Brown and senior Luther Head shared the team's most
valuable player award after a 37-2 season that ended with a 75-70
loss to North Carolina in the national championship game.

Center James Augustine won both awards that are based on
statistics -- the Ralf Woods Free Throw Award and the Illinois
Rebounders Award.