Brady wants to stay at LSU, but eyes more money

BATON ROUGE, La. -- LSU basketball coach John Brady hopes to take another team to the Final Four next season. And he hopes it will be the Tigers.

In the third year of a five-year contract worth $715,000 a year, which ranks among the lowest salaries among Southeastern Conference men's coaches, Brady said he would like to see some changes, however.

"I'm not pursuing other jobs, but I'm in no hurry to decide anything right now," Brady said. "I'm confident that the people who make those decisions will take care of them. My only request is to be dealt with fairly in terms of salary and a strong commitment to the basketball program."

Brady said he has a lot going for him at LSU, including family ties to the area, a good staff and momentum going into next year after making this year's Final Four.

"I am very aware of what I have and I appreciate what people have done for me to this point," Brady said. "But I also look at what other coaches have done and how they've been compensated, and I want to move forward in a fair and responsible way."

LSU athletic director Skip Bertman said Monday night he was just waiting to hear from Brady's agent to begin negotiations.

"I'm sure we'll get something worked out that will be fair to him," Bertman said.

On March 15, Bertman said he had twice spoken to Brady about the coach's contract. The second discussion was before the SEC tournament and Bertman said he offered Brady a new contract.

"As far as I'm concerned, John is going to be our coach for a long time," Bertman said at the time.

At the time, Brady said he told Bertman he wanted to wait to discuss his contract after the season.

Brady, who just finished his ninth season at LSU, said he is open to discussions with other schools.

"If another school made a serious run and offered me something that I thought was fair for me, I'd take a look at it," Brady said. "But what I'm not going to do is manufacture something to make somebody listen to me. I will never play one school against another."