Donovan says he hasn't talked to Kentucky

ATLANTA -- Florida coach Billy Donovan said he hadn't slept, but that didn't keep him from having a sharp wit about him Tuesday morning when commenting on his future.

Donovan made sure the media that gathered to watch him receive the Siemens National Championship Trophy understood where he stood with Kentucky.

He said he hasn't talked to anyone at Kentucky or spoken to anyone about the Wildcats' vacant head coaching job -- and that there's no point commenting on something that isn't in front of him.

Donovan also reiterated his current timetable of going to Marshall on Wednesday for a speaking engagement, meeting with Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley, going to a Gators' title celebration and a Saturday trip for a week with his family to the Dominican Republic to celebrate his father-in-law's 70th birthday.

"I'm not being coy or moving around questions," Donovan said as reporters from the Bluegrass State dogged him on the Kentucky question. "I haven't spoken to anybody and my intentions are to speak to the University of Florida. I'm happy there. I like the school and the athletic department has been very supportive."

"It's amazing how we fast-forward to the future. Everyone talked about repeating as soon as we won and then we do and we're on to the next thing. At what point do we live life in the moment and enjoy it?"
-- Billy Donovan

Sources have told ESPN.com that Kentucky is prepared to offer Donovan a seven-year contract to succeed Tubby Smith that would pay at least $2.8 million per season and as much as $3.5 million with performance-based incentives. But on Tuesday, Donovan said only the media has talked to him about any Kentucky offer.

"It's out of line for me to comment and talk about it," said Donovan. "I have no basis commenting on it. ... For right now, I'm just going to enjoy what happened [Monday night with the title win over Ohio State]."

Donovan said he's so far removed from Kentucky that it's not like he was there yesterday. He hasn't been at Kentucky, where he was an assistant for five seasons under Rick Pitino, in 13 seasons -- two at Marshall as a head coach and 11 as a head coach at Florida.

"It's amazing how we fast-forward to the future," Donovan said. "Everyone talked about repeating as soon as we won and then we do and we're onto the next thing. At what point do we live life in the moment and enjoy it?"

"On Sunday, I had two hours of media and all I answered were questions about repeating, history and the significance of beating Ohio State and all of a sudden that's forgotten in 24 hours? I'm going to enjoy this."

Donovan will sit down with Florida's four juniors -- Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer and Taurean Green -- at some point in the next few weeks, but it might not be until after his return from the Dominican. He knows he'll have to deal with whether they are declaring for the NBA draft or not, assuming he is their coach.

The players, by the way, are expected back in class Wednesday.

Andy Katz is a senior writer at ESPN.com.