Shipp expected to be healthy by mid-September

LOS ANGELES -- UCLA forward Josh Shipp underwent
arthroscopic surgery on his left hip Friday, the same procedure the
sophomore had on his right hip in 2005.

Rehabilitation is expected to take 8-to-12 weeks, with Shipp
spending the first month on crutches, according to Dr. Carlos A.

Shipp had the same surgery in September 2005, causing him to
miss all but four games of the 2005-06 season. He returned this
season and averaged 13.2 points as the Bruins' second-leading
scorer, helping them to a second straight Final Four appearance.

Friday's outpatient surgery involved repairing torn cartilage
and removing an area of bony overgrowth of the femoral neck.

"It all went smoothly," UCLA coach Ben Howland said by phone
from Houston, where he was recruiting. "By the middle of
September, he should be back to full speed. This time it's really
nice he's going to have plenty of time."

The torn cartilage was discovered during a routine MRI, Howland

"He had some soreness in his hip toward the last couple weeks
of the season, nothing major," the coach said. "We're just being
pro-active as opposed to letting it fester and get worse."

Three years ago, Shipp's older brother, Joe, had the same hip
procedure. Joe Shipp was the Pac-10's leading scorer at California
in 2003.

"We elected to have this surgery as a precautionary measure,"
Shipp's mother Deborah said. "It came as a complete surprise to us
because Josh played so well this year and his left hip really
wasn't bothering him."