Reggie Delk transferring to Louisville

Reggie Delk, the nephew of NBA player and former Kentucky great Tony Delk, will transfer from Mississippi State to Louisville.

Delk, who averaged 9.5 points per game as a starter for the Bulldogs last season, will sit out the 2007-08 season and will have two seasons of eligibility remaining.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino said Delk is "long, lean and a great 3-point shooter."

"The name Delk conjures up an image of so many positive things for me," Pitino said. "When Tony's nephew announced his decision to transfer I immediately wondered if he had any of Tony's characteristics. He certainly does.

"As we look to improve our program, we want to recruit people who have the ability to shoot the basketball. We want that to be the common denominator. We came back with unanimous opinions. He's what we need."

Reggie's twin brother, Richard Delk, is also transferring from Mississippi State, but not to Louisville.

While coaching at Kentucky, his last college job before becoming Louisville's coach, Pitino had success with transfers who were starters at their previous schools, including Derek Anderson (from Ohio State), Mark Pope (from Washington) and Travis Ford (from Missouri).

"We've always been interested in people who transfer for reasons other than lack of playing time," Pitino said. "This will give us a year to work with [Reggie Delk] and improve his skills."

Pat Forde is a senior writer for ESPN.com.