Prosecutors drop sexual assault charges for two ex-TCU players

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Prosecutors have dropped sexual assault
charges against two former TCU basketball players accused of raping
an unconscious woman in a dorm room.

Tarrant County prosecutors dismissed charges against 21-year-old
Virgil Allen Taylor and his second cousin, 20-year-old Shannon
Monroe Behling.

Prosecutor Sheila Wynn said the dismissal is without prejudice,
meaning the case could be reopened if new evidence surfaces.

Taylor and Behling were among three former TCU athletes accused
of raping an 18-year-old student in a dorm room in October 2006. In
February, an aggravated sexual assault charge was dropped against
21-year-old TCU football player Lorenzo Labell Jones.

Police say Taylor lured the woman to his dorm on the pretext of
paying her back for a hamburger. The woman told police she was
given a sports drink that caused her to pass out before she
awakened briefly to find Taylor having sex with her.

Taylor told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that a consensual sex
act was mischaracterized.