Gordon doesn't back down from drug allegations, but declines to elaborate

INDIANAPOLIS -- Eric Gordon caused quite a stir before returning to Indianapolis.

He spent Friday trying to tamp it down.

Although the former Indiana Hoosiers player did not back off his contention that some college teammates used drugs last season, he also decided not to elaborate.

"I'm not going to discuss any issues that happened in the past," the Los Angeles Clippers guard said Friday before playing the Indiana Pacers. "What happened in the past, happened in the past, and we're going to move on from here."

Gordon told The Indianapolis Star it was a "well-known fact" that some players were using drugs, and their use created a rift on the team. Indiana started 17-1 but finished 25-8, unable to win a game in the Big Ten tournament or the NCAA tournament.

Gordon did not identify who used drugs but said D.J. White, who was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in June, and returning players Kyle Taber and Brett Finkelmeier were not involved.

Kelvin Sampson, the ex-Indiana coach and now an assistant with the Milwaukee Bucks, declined to comment on Gordon's allegations of drug use.

Dan Dakich, Sampson's interim successor, wouldn't discuss the details during his morning radio show in Indianapolis. And first-year Indiana coach Tom Crean, too, seemed focused on moving forward.

"I'm a big Eric Gordon fan, and I think the year he had last year was one of the best anyone's ever had here," Crean said during a news conference Thursday. "He was one of the big reasons they won 25 games. But we're going to move forward, and Eric is going to have a big part in this Indiana tradition because of the way he played and what he did."