Report: USF has no record of probe

The South Florida men's basketball program said it is had no record of being under investigation by the NCAA, The St. Petersburg Times reported Friday.

An online report alleged numerous violations by the program but the school's athletic department said it has received no notice of inquiry from the NCAA.

"We have nothing," USF assistant athletic director Chris Freet told the Times, in response to a public records request.

As is policy, the NCAA will not confirm or deny any investigations. USF declined to comment on the matter beyond Freet's response, the Times said. But NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said Friday that if USF's athletic department were being investigated, it would have a notice of inquiry.

"A formal investigation does not start until a notice of inquiry is sent out," Osburn told the Times.

AOL's sports site, Fanhouse.com, cited unnamed sources in reporting Friday that USF was being investigated by the NCAA.