Chris Wright cleared to play

WASHINGTON -- Georgetown point guard Chris Wright, whose broken left hand brought the Hoyas' offense to a standstill, will be back for the NCAA tournament.

Wright has been cleared to practice and said he'll be ready to go when sixth-seeded Georgetown plays the winner of Southern California and Virginia Commonwealth on Friday in the Southwest Regional at Chicago.

"I'm good. I can dribble, shoot, run," Wright said Sunday night. "I haven't been on the court at full contact yet where I tested it and someone has hit my hand, which is going to happen. That's the nature of the game. I have a high tolerance for pain. If someone hits my hand, I'll be all right. Just suck it up and keep playing."

Wright broke his non-shooting hand in the second half against Cincinnati on Feb. 23 and had surgery the next day. The Hoyas (21-10) lost to the Bearcats and haven't won since, averaging just 51.5 points over their last four games.