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Ryan McGee ESPN Senior Writer 

Kansas State with a three-point lead with 4:40 remaining. UMBC still hanging around despite 0 pts off 16 KSU turnovers and 7-14 at free throw line.

Paul Biancardi Basketball Recruiting 

UNC fans that are still hanging around are cheering for UMBC.

Ryan McGee ESPN Senior Writer 

Among the raucous UMBC fans sits decidedly non-raucous former Wake Forest head coach Dave Odom, watching son Ryan lead the Retrievers. Son credits his father for not hiring him as assistant, forcing him to forge his own path.

Paul Biancardi Basketball Recruiting 

UMBC playing aggressive defense. This possession ended with a closeout and blockout. Kansas State up 34-33 with 9 minutes left in the second half.

Jeff Goodman ESPN Insider 

UMBC fans sticking with their Retrievers here on campus.


Seth Walder ESPN Analytics 

At halftime, Kansas State has a 13% chance to reach the Final Four, per BPI. UMBC has a 0.2% shot.

Paul Biancardi Basketball Recruiting 

Kansas State up 25-20 on UMBC. Had their defense in front of me for the first twenty minutes. No sure what the numbers say right now, but Bruce Weber's team really defends.

Paul Sabin ESPN Analytics 

After the Cincinnati loss and halfway though the first half against Kansas State, UMBC, a 16 seed is up to a 0.4% chance to reach the Final Four per BPI. Sounds impossible but the same team already overcame a 98.5% chance of losing its opening tournament game.

Tournament Challenge ESPN 

191,342 (1.1%) of the 17.3 million Tournament Challenge brackets called the Sweet 16 matchup of No. 11 Loyola-Chicago and No. 7 Nevada.

Seth Walder ESPN Analytics 

Kentucky is now the favorite to reach the Final Four out of the South Region, with a 51% shot, per BPI.

Myron Medcalf ESPN Staff Writer 

Anything seems possible in this edition of the NCAA tournament. Nevada was down by 22 points against Cincinnati, a top-three defensive team all season. But Eric Musselman's squad closed the game on a 32-8 run, the most tremendous run of the NCAA tournament thus far. Wild times in college basketball.

John Gasaway @JohnGasaway

The game-winner for Nevada was a 2-point Farokhmanesh by Josh Hall. From now on we will call it such. Hall with the Hall!

Kyle Bonagura ESPN Staff Writer 

Clemson looks well on its way to the Sweet 16 with a 43-19 lead against Auburn at halftime. They are the only two schools left in the NCAA tournament that finished in the top-25 of the AP football poll.

Jeff Goodman ESPN Insider 

The UMBC Watch Party here on campus. This is one of three spots in the Commons building.

Ryan McGee ESPN Senior Writer 

True Grit, a Chesapeake Bay brown retriever - NOT A GOLDEN RETRIEVER - is ready for Kansas State.

Ryan McGee ESPN Senior Writer 

UMBC pep band student director/tuba player Joe Skowronski gets Alexander Jones, trumpet, ready for K-State. Both are seniors. Says Jones: "This weekend has been incredible. But I did run out of underwear."

Jay Bilas @JayBilas

Also in the 1979 NCAA Tournament, an Ivy League team (Penn) made the Final Four, back when there was “parity” in college basketball.

Paul Biancardi Basketball Recruiting 

Joel Berry had an amazing career at UNC. Tough shooting day today vs Texas AM. He has been and always will be, a high level competitor and winner.

Matthew Berry @MatthewBerryTMR

Tough few hours? You're not alone. You and 1,673,565 other brackets had BOTH Michigan State AND North Carolina in the Final Four.