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Blanchard and Davis

In a decade defined by war, it's no surprise that college football looked to West Point. Army's Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis became known for the nicknames that described their running styles: Blanchard, Mr. Inside, bulled up the middle. Davis, Mr. Outside, combined grace and speed as few athletes ever have. From 1944 to 1946, the Black Knights went 26-0-1, the lone blemish being the 0-0 tie with Notre Dame in Yankee Stadium in 1946. Blanchard won the Heisman in 1945; Davis, the following year. You can put an asterisk on their careers because World War II robbed so many players across the nation of their own. It would have been great to see Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside take on all sides. The guess here is that their legend would shine brighter.