Money! Money! Money!

OU's on-field success translates into $47 million in revenue.

Despite a loss to USC, OU was still able to cash in on another trip to the national championship. Story

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  • Football 101: Breaking away | Sharp-dressed men

  • The Interview: Switzer and Stoops sits down with OU legend Barry Switzer and current coach Bob Stoops.
    OU: The Program -- Sensory overload

    Oklahoma is one of three schools to use the Head Impact Telemetry System to monitor collisions on the field.
    OU: The pill

    Space Age technology was bound to reach the football field Sooner or later.
    Forde: Been there, done that

    Merv Johnson does a little of everything at Oklahoma. But what few seem to realize is he's done a little of everything in college football as well.
    OU: The Program

    They are rarely noticed, but the equipment staff's work -- load, drive the rig, unpack, repeat -- is too good to be ignored.
    OU: The Program

    Josh Heupel led OU over Texas en route to a national title in 2000. Now he's back on the OU sideline as a graduate assistant.
    Forde: Hittin' The Books

    Football players are students first and that's a fact that's never forgotten at Oklahoma, especially for freshmen.
    Forde: A game-day mile in Joe C.'s shoes

    Sitting down isn't an option for Oklahoma AD Joe Castiglione on game day. After all, it's not easy throwing a party for 84,000 people.
    Forde: Crisis Management

    When difficult situations arise, it takes teamwork from the AD to the coach to the SID to handle the problem.
    OU: The Program -- The man behind the man

    Matt McMillen may be the most important man in Oklahoma -- he is the one who guards Bob Stoops.
    OU: The Program -- Game Ops

    Think Bob Stoops has it tough planning for Bowling Green? Try planning for 81,000 people to come to the game.
    Maisel: OU - The Program

    What takes place on the field at Oklahoma is just one piece of a season-long logistical puzzle, writes Ivan Maisel.