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1. Oklahoma

If you drew up a prototype for a preseason No. 1, you would throw a bunch of young guys in the deep end two years earlier and let them learn to swim. They would struggle to go 8-5, and a year later they would win the (Big 12) league. And now, just look at them -- a playmaker with 24 starts at quarterback (Landry Jones), an All-America wide receiver (Ryan Broyles) and a veteran offensive line. Throw in a true freshman tailback who can contribute immediately (Brandon Williams). On defense, give yourself seven returning starters built around a pair of ballhawking linebackers (Travis Lewis, Tony Jefferson). Schedule your toughest game early (at Florida State) and your toughest conference opponent (Texas A&M) at home. That's the prototype. That, this season, is Oklahoma. -- Ivan Maisel, ESPN.com senior writer