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Poster Team: USC

The I-formation evolved out of the T and came to be known as a powerful running offense, thanks largely to the four national championships that coach John McKay won at USC in the 1960s and 1970s. The tailback, at least six yards deep, had a fullback in front of him and often ran downhill behind big, fast pulling linemen. They didn't call it Student Body Left/Right for nothing. Nebraska coach Tom Osborne adapted the wishbone to the I and the "I-Bone" kept the Huskers winning for 25 years.

The advent of the spread has made the I-formation look as dated as "Miami Vice." Its concepts remain sound. There will always be a place for brawn in this game. But power football has had to make room for speed. Running football has had to make room for the pass. The I can be an effective throwing offense, but more as an alternative.