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Poster Team: Texas

Two forms of the triple option came from Texas in the late 1960s. The basics in each offense were the same: the quarterback would hand off to a back on a dive play (1), or move down the line and pitch to a trailing back (2) or keep the ball himself (3). The veer had two backs in the backfield; the wishbone, three. Texas assistant coach Emory Bellard created the wishbone in his backyard. Texas won 30 consecutive games. The triple-option offenses dominated college football into the 1980s.

The wishbone's demand for precision makes it ideal for the service academies, who make up in discipline what they lack in size. And coach Paul Johnson revived Georgia Tech by bringing option football back to the Flats. The triple option is alive and well in the spread offense but the wishbone and veer are no longer in fashion.