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AP Photo/Ronen Zilberman


Poster Team: Hawaii

The offense owes its life to a Tiger and a Mouse. In Ohio, high school coach Tiger Ellison created this one-back, double-slot offense in the 1950s. In Oregon, high school coach Mouse Davis spread its gospel to whomever might listen. Davis took the run 'n' shoot to Portland St., then to the pros. The offense spreads out; passes depend on quarterbacks and receivers seeing the same holes. Runs are based on how many defenders are in the box.

June Jones, a former quarterback for, assistant to and employer of Mouse Davis, took Hawaii to the Sugar Bowl two seasons ago and now is rebuilding SMU. Hawaii, under Jones' successor, Greg McMackin, is still running it. Mainstream coaches have never quite warmed up to the run 'n' shoot. Quarterbacks can take a beating from faster defenses. Possessions can end quickly.