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Harbaugh takes no prisoners in paintball.

During Michigan football's trip to Rome, the Wolverines made a stop for a few rounds of paintball. Like most competitions, head coach Jim Harbaugh showed he takes the game very seriously.

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College Football Recruiting

Georgia Spring Game



ESPN's Aschoff gives officiating a try.

Edward Aschoff takes a break from his reporting duties to be a guest referee at Georgia's spring game.

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2017 college football schedules

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  • Guide to spring practice and game schedules

    Spring is in the air, which for college football fans means spring football. Here are the dates for when Power 5 teams start their workouts and play their spring games.

Producers of NFL talent

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  • College football's best (and worst) NFL factories

    Ever wonder which college programs produce the best NFL running backs? How about the most long-term starters or the most Pro Bowlers? We dug through data from the past 15 drafts to find out which schools make the grade at the next level.

Well-paid coaches