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Ohio State's defense knows one offensive play -- and it clearly works

OSU's "Sideline Return" is simple -- get the ball, get to the sideline, everyone else blocks and you score -- and remarkably effective.

Surprise teams set to crash CFB's playoff party (1:06)
Is the lack of respect for the Badgers justified? (2:15)
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What in the world is going on at USC?

Clay Helton billed himself as the no-Hollywood coach, but his first year at USC has had more drama and plot twists than expected, leaving many to wonder about his future with the Trojans.

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Jackson, McCaffrey clear Heisman favorites

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson and Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey are by far the top two candidates for the Heisman Trophy after four weeks.

McCaffrey's unique traits that will help in NFL (1:02)
Kelly says everybody's job is in jeopardy at Notre Dame (0:43)
Louisville-Clemson big swing game of Heisman season (2:22)
Marty Smith goes inside the program with Clemson (2:53)


Austin Ward ESPN Staff Writer 

Ohio State co-defensive coordinator Greg Schiano has been charged with a misdemeanor for failure to obey a traffic device for his part in the crash that included hitting a bicyclist last week. Schiano is scheduled to be arraigned on Oct. 5 and is facing a $55 fine and $97 in court fees after the collision early last Thursday during Ohio State's bye week. Schiano hasn't missed any work and will be coaching Saturday against his old team, Rutgers.

Jake Trotter ESPN Staff Writer 

The Big 12 forum "Campus Violence – Finding Solutions" is about to begin. Ray Rice one of the panelists.

Josh Moyer ESPN Staff Writer 

The Big Ten released a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying that officials should not have ejected Penn State LB Brandon Smith for targeting against Michigan:

Max Olson ESPN Staff Writer 

How does DC Vance Bedford adjust expectations for playing defense when Texas has an offense averaging 47 points? Bedford says it's all about two key stats: points per drive and turnovers. The Longhorns rank 9th in the Big 12 and 92nd nationally in points/drive (2.3) and have yet to grab an interception.

Max Olson ESPN Staff Writer 

Texas DC Vance Bedford says he takes full responsibly for his defense's problems against Cal. He believes he and Charlie Strong are on the same page about their defense. "There's a trust factor. We've been together now 8 years, I believe. We know we need to get things cleaned up and get some things done, it's just that simple."

Ryan McGee ESPN Senior Writer 

I have so much work to do but Tennessee-UGA '92 is on ESPN Classic and I'm gonna wait for Heath Shuler on 4th-and-14.

David M. Hale ESPN Staff Writer 

Mark Richt is no stranger to playing Georgia Tech, but he says he's not sure his familiarity with the Yellow Jackets will be much help to the rest of his staff when Miami plays in Atlanta this week.


Matt Fortuna ESPN Staff Writer 

DeShone Kizer talks about Brian Kelly saying the coach needs to turn up the intensity on the sidelines:


Matt Fortuna ESPN Staff Writer 

James Onwualu has been very honest and thoughtful in speaking about the coordinator change this week from Brian VanGorder to Greg Hudson. Onwualu came to ND as a WR before switching to LB, and he said he thanked VanGorder for the opportunity since he was the one who invested in him on that side of the ball: "Obviously everybody was talking about it -- even our student section seemed to have a strong stance on that. But it was shocking to me, this is the only defensive experience I've ever had. Really all I knew defensively. So it's difficult for some older guys, and me included, to put that aside and take the next step into something new. I'll continue my relationship with (VanGorder) and possibly still learn things from him but I'm on to the next step."

Sam Khan Jr. ESPN Staff Writer 

South Carolina coach Will Muschamp, when asked why he wears all black on the sideline, quipped "It makes me look skinnier."

Edward Aschoff ESPN Staff Writer 

Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen on Les Miles firing: "I understand the pressure we're under in this league. We're [always] on the hot seat." You're judged on the last play you made and the last game you played. That's how it is in the SEC. "I don't think that's good for the game to have college coaches fired [during the season]. I don't think it's healthy of the program or the organization to do it at this time." Hurts stability for players and the program.

Matt Fortuna ESPN Staff Writer 

Mike McGlinchey on Brian Kelly saying everyone's job is up for grabs: "We are a 1-3 football team and things need to change." The Notre Dame captain adds: "Guys are fed up. We've had enough. We've had enough losing."