Officials will monitor Clarett

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State will wait until at the least
the spring to ask the NCAA to reinstate suspended running back
Maurice Clarett.

"I think we want to see the fall and winter quarters, to see
how things go," Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger said

Clarett started his fall quarter on Thursday and attended one

Ohio State's winter quarter ends in late March, and the Buckeyes
begin spring workouts in early April.

Clarett was suspended this season from the national champion
Buckeyes after Ohio State said he violated NCAA bylaws by receiving
improper benefits and lying to investigators.

On Tuesday, Clarett sued the NFL, seeking to throw out a league
rule and allow him to be drafted in 2004. He would not otherwise be
eligible until 2005, his third year out of high school. That
lawsuit does not affect his eligibility at the college level.

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel has held out hope that Clarett
might return to the team to practice this fall. Geiger said that
was no longer an option.

"He will not [return] this season," Geiger said. "We're not
ruling out spring quarter, but fall season he will not be a part.
We'll see how fall and winter go."

Clarett's attorney, Alan C. Milstein, declined to comment.

Clarett, who rushed for 1,237 yards and scored 18 touchdowns as
the Buckeyes won the national championship in 2002, was able to get
to only one class Thursday, Geiger said.

"He couldn't get to another. He didn't want to run the gauntlet
between I don't know how many television cameras. He gave up in
disgust," Geiger said.

The university will provide security for Clarett to get to class
in the future, Geiger said.