Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Apparently, this week's Bottom 10 had people in Illinois scratching their heads and others wondering about the highly-coveted No. 5 spot.

Here's what you had to say about the Week 12 rankings:

Slaughterhouse- (No.) Five
What's with leaving my Pitt Panthers out of the number 5 spot? Sure Wake Forest had a bad week, but Pitt's defense gave up over 200 yards and 4 rushing touchdowns to an opposing running back for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW. If not for the potent offense, this team would be getting pillow fight consideration this season (after all, they do play Rutgers and Temple)!

John Buhl
Herndon, Va.

WF at #5...one better. Although I love the 'Huskers, they diserve another trip at that ignoble position for their play on Saturday against a good KS team.

JW Brown

Come on, now they did play a really bad game, but how can you put Wake in the Bottom 10, unfair I say, just unfair, hell my favorite team is Kentucky and I think they're far worse than Wake.

Michael Hauswald
Winston-Salem, N.C.

Why didn't Nebraska get the #5 spot? Kansas State won their first game in almost 75 games against a higher-ranked opponent. Nebraska deserves to sit in the corner with a dunce cap for losing to a lower-ranked Kansas State!

Bill Lucarell
Girard, Ohio

Four nonconfrence pansies: Couple million dollars
Travelling expenses to the Music City: Apparently, a lot
Seeing the Gophers get their lunches handed to them by the third decent opponent on their schedule, losing their last remanining shred of credibility: Priceless

And I thought we couldn't sink any lower after the consecutive losses to Michigan and 'State. I'm wondering: how badly does a team have to choke to make the No. 5 spot?

Nick Slater
St. Paul, Minn.

I think Kentucky deserved the coveted No. 5 spot in Week 12's Bottom 10 for losing to Vanderbilt and snapping their 23 game SEC losing streak.

Nick Bockovich
Malden, Ma.

Bring back the Illini!
How did Illinois climb out of the Bottom 10. Understandably they looked better this week than any other week (including their win over I-AA Illinois State) but they are still a 1-10 team just a couple of years removed from a big ten championship.

Justin Busch
Chicago, Ill.

What happened to my beloved Illini? Just because they had their bye last week does not mean they should lose their stranglehold as the worst team from any BCS conference.

Mike Firmand
Champaign, Ill.

How can the University of Illinois possibly be left off of the Bottom 10? A 1-10 season with zero wins against division I-A opponents isn't enough? And apparently our scoring margin per game isn't low enough. The Bottom 10 will be synonymous with BCS if it keeps this up.

Lewis DeJaegher
Champaign, Ill.

I'm disappointed. After all their hard work in losing the pillow fight 2 weeks ago, Illinois is out of the Bottom 10! It's a travesty!

Vince Ackerman
Chicago, Ill.

About those BCS computers ...
So let me get this straight, Buffalo beats Ohio and Buffalo is in the Bottom 10 and Ohio isn't? Hmm, you make as much sense as the BCS.

Brad Meyer
Cleveland, Ohio

C'mon, Ohio U. is terrible. I'm a student and I can see that. Put us mighty Bobcats back in the bottom ten. We've earned it damnit.

Rob McAllister
Athens, Ohio

Ponies, Patton and Pillows
I think you should drop the Demon Deacons and list our team (SMU) twice. On the 29th of November we will ruin TCU's BCS chances by just walking on to the field thats how bad we are.

Joe Kent

Referencing the Ponies of SMU...the only way they can turn it around is to play under an assumed name.

James Hobdy
Denton, Texas

Every school gets to brag about something, yet Army can't even win the honors of being the "Best of the Worst." Maybe even a little sympathy might be nice for a team that only rouses the Cadets by small personal victories, like winnin the coin toss, the rest of the game is decided before the players take the field.

Andrew Johns
West Point, NY

Do you just not have the courage to print my opinion? Army is defending national champion and perfect this season, and still deserving of the #1 ranking!!!!!

Layne Sanford
Waterloo, Iowa

What about the Iron Bowl for the pillow fight of the week? I'm as big an Auburn fan as their is, but we suck. Alabama is no better, and that's a fact, not just biased opinion. At least they have an excuse. This should be the worst Iron Bowl ever.

Gary Shaver
Lanett, Ala.

I went to both Rice and North Carolina. You missed the call on the Pillow Fight of the Week. It's definitely the Heels and Blue Devils.

North Carolina

Family ties
My family is a MAC (Mid-American Conference) family, and I really thought that THIS would be the week that all three schools that my family went through would be represented in ESPN polls.

You've got Dad and Sis' BGSU Falcons at #25, Mom's much hated Miami Redhawks at #19...and my beloved Ohio Bobcats CAN'T crack the Bottom 10 with a 2-8 record, and losing to perennial doormat Buffalo earlier in the year? Maybe after Miami pastes 50 on the scoreboard, we can 'earn' our place again!!

Kurt Jennings
Sanford, Florida

It's a tough year. I played for SMU 30 years ago and my brother is an assistant coach at Buffalo. Wait til next year or maybe the year after.

R J Best
Dallas, Texas