Nutt accepts first apology, but it's not enough

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt
says he accepts an apology from a television analyst who suggested
he used Nebraska to win a pay raise from Razorback athletic
director Frank Broyles, but he said he would like to see more.

When asked Saturday if he was satisfied that ESPN's Trev Alberts called him to apologize, Nutt said: "Not really. I want him
to go on the air and apologize. I'm not through with it."

Nutt didn't say what else he might do, but said an on-air
apology is what he wants to see.

"That's what I would like to see, but I don't see it
happening," Nutt said before the Arkansas-Mississippi basketball

Nutt said Alberts called him Friday to apologize. After Alberts
made his initial comments, Nutt called him a "goofball."

Alberts said during Wednesday's edition of ESPN's Outside The Lines that Nutt had been
dishonest in his dealings with Nebraska. Thursday, Alberts said
Nutt badgered Nebraska from the day Frank Solich was fired, "so he
could use them to get a pay raise."

Nutt said Jan. 3 he would stay at Arkansas. He was given a pay
raise from about $800,000 a year to $1.2 million.

Nutt said he never called Nebraska and Broyles said he hoped the
network would discipline Alberts over his remarks.

Nutt said he didn't know if Broyles still planned to send a
formal complaint to the sports television network.

"I don't know. He was pretty upset," Nutt said.

The Arkansas coach said Friday that he had planned to call
Alberts about his remarks, but Alberts called him first. Nutt
wouldn't provide details of the conversation, but said it was

"I told him I appreciated his apology, and that he called,"
Nutt said.

Alberts could not be reached for comment.

Broyles told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper of Little
Rock that Alberts' remarks were "as unprofessional as I've ever
heard. I don't believe a word of it. It know it's not true."

Nebraska athletic department spokeswoman Chris Anderson said
Friday the school will not comment on the individual interviews
conducted with applicants to the head coaching job.

Nutt said Alberts, who played linebacker at Nebraska and won the
Butkus Award in 1993, was trying to help his former team after it
received negative publicity after firing Solich Nov. 29.

Alberts said he agreed with Solich's firing after a 9-3
record in 2003 but said his ties to the Cornhuskers had nothing to
do with his remarks.