Lawyers: Suit hasn't shown rights violation

DENVER -- The lawsuit that triggered a scandal at the
University of Colorado should be dismissed because it hasn't shown
the school violated the rights of an alleged rape victim,
university lawyers said Wednesday.

In a court filing, university lawyers asked U.S. District Judge
Robert Blackburn for a summary judgment against Lisa Simpson, who
filed the suit.

Simpson claims she was raped by football players and recruits at
an off-campus party in 2001. Her lawsuit alleges the school
violated federal Title IX requirements by fostering an environment
hostile to women in its football program.

Two other women have filed similar suits.

In Wednesday's motion, university lawyers claimed Simpson has
not met a requirement to prove that university officials knew about
sexual harassment and were indifferent to it.

Kimberly Hult, one of Simpson's attorneys, said she remains
confident in the Title IX claim.

Simpson has agreed to have her name used in news accounts.

The university scandal erupted after Boulder District Attorney
Mary Keenan gave a deposition for Simpson's suit in which she
accused the football program of using used sex and alcohol to
recruit athletes. The deposition was made public in January.

At least seven other women have said they were raped by players
or recruits since 1997, and head football coach Gary Barnett was
suspended in February for comments made about at least one of the

An independent commission and Attorney General Ken Salazar are