Behind-The-Scenes of USC vs. Virginia Tech

ESPN will provide viewers with an unprecedented live all-access pass to a primetime college football game telecast with a behind-the-scenes shows on Saturday, Aug. 28, at 7:30 p.m.

ESPN2 will televise College Football Behind-the-Scenes, a live program showing the production of ESPN's coverage of the BCA Classic pitting Virginia Tech vs. No. 1 USC (ESPN game coverage begins at 7:40 p.m.).

ESPN.com will have an active presence in the show. ESPN2's telecast will include several elements from ESPN.com, including:

  • Answering of questions submitted via ESPN.com.

  • Analyst Jim Donnan discussing ESPN.com's GameDay Live application.

  • Coverage of ESPN commentators participating in GameDay Live prior to the game.

    Prior to the game, ESPN.com will:

  • Educate viewers through custom video clips on ESPN Motion.

  • Provide a glossary of terms that will be used during the show.

    In a television first, College Football Behind-the-Scenes will take viewers along for the ride with ESPN personnel as they produce a college football telecast, including inside the production truck and announce booth and on the sidelines.

    Rece Davis will host the program with three reporters:

  • Dr. Jerry Punch: located in the production truck, Punch will interview ESPN personnel, provide a tour of the truck and explain how the "1st and 10" yellow line works, as well as the on-screen graphics, such as the scoreboard bug.

  • Craig James: positioned in the booth, James, usually assigned as a game or studio analyst, will discuss the various roles of each person in the booth, such as the "spotter" assigned to assist the game commentators, and report on each person's activities. During commercial breaks, James will interview game commentators Ron Franklin and Mike Gottfried and others working in the booth.

  • Jamie Little: positioned on-field as a roving reporter, Little will explain Erin Andrews' role as the sideline reporter, as well as other people working on the field, such as the "red hat" person who informs referees of commercial breaks.

    Joining Davis on-site, ESPN College GameDay Final analysts Trev Alberts and Mark May will show their preparation for the half-time show (they will work the halftime show for ESPN's telecast).

    For the telecast, ESPN2 will utilize several production elements, including:

  • Nine "point-of-view" and four robotic cameras positioned in key areas within the production truck, as well as a robotic camera in the booth and five cameras within the stadium.

  • ESPN2's BottomLine will provide a glossary to explain TV production terms, people's roles and procedures.

    While viewers hear and see the production personnel working, ESPN's game telecast will be on-screen within a box in the lower right-hand corner, allowing the viewer to see the results of the behind-the-scenes action.

    ESPN2 will stay with the telecast during ESPN commercial breaks to show what production personnel do while viewers are watching ads.

    College Football Behind-the-Scenes will also provide viewers with an understanding of how ESPN produces a game telecast from beginning to end through various explanations and interviews and by following staff as they do their jobs. Scheduled segments include:

  • Taped segments of the production staff's day-long preparation, including meetings and set-up of the equipment.

  • A look at how ESPN's technology works, such as the "1st and 10" yellow line.

  • An inside look at how a producer scans and selects replays, the communication between commentators and producers and the associate director's communication with the control room in Bristol, Conn.

  • Explanations of the responsibilities of production personnel.

  • A tour of the production truck with explanations of the layout and equipment, as well as definitions of the terminology.