Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, the The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions about Temple, Rutgers, team fashions, Baylor and many other teams from across the country. A special thanks to the fans of SMU and North Carolina. No one seems to relish their placement in the Bottom 10 position as much as the folks from Dallas and Chapel Hill. On with the show:

Here's the Week 2 rankings:

Brotherly love
Thanks for putting Temple #1. My alma mater isn't my favorite team, but I still torture myself by watching them. They have some decent players, but coach Wallace's game management is reminiscent of Chris Darden and Marcia Clark. No wonder the Big East canned us and we're going to be an NCAA orphan next year. At least we didn't lose to New Hampshire, although FAMU may give us a run for our money with Wallace calling the shots, the guy who has claimed for the past 5 years that "We're building a winner." Well he was right; now we finally won the top spot on the Bottom 10!

C.D. (Columbia, MD)

I hope Temple has earned this honor. Too often, lifetime achievement awards are given that takes the focus off of current standards (or lack of current standards, as the case may be). Of course, Temple football can not succeed -- not even at being bad. Look for them to beat Florida (A&M, not State).

Steve (Philadelphia)

Your attempts at self promotion are obvious. The alumni at Temple U know you're making Temple #1 to promote Temple grad Tom Sizemore's role in ESPN's Charlie Hustle. We're on to you, until we lose to Florida A&M, we don't belong at #1.

Mark Hunter, Philadelphia

Editor's note: The Bottom 10 guy didn't realize Tom Sizemore went to Temple, but thanks for the plug.

Fashion (and etiquette) police
Here is a vote for Wisconsins uniforms.


Illinois' orange uniforms should be on the list. Those things looked horrible. I'm surprised that you didn't make Toledo v. EMU the pillow fight of the week.

Becky (Ypsi)

I'm a Ducks fan, always have been, always will be, but they deserve a Bottom 10 ranking this week. I've seen high school teams run a more coherent offense. My friends and I were discussing why the Ducks didn't go back to the jerseys they had 3 years ago, and I couldn't help asking why they don't go back to offense they had 3 years ago. Tedford, you're our only hope. P.S. After a revision in the Univ. of Wyoming uniforms, the Ducks now offically have the ugliest unis in college.

Simon, Portland

How about nominating the University of Iowa student section for the Bottom 10 after storming the field and taking down the 'posts after their #12 team pulled off huge 17-10 victory over Iowa State, a team that frequented the Bottom 10 often last season and was a 24.5 point underdog.

Mitch (Ames, IA)

I realize that Wyoming may not have the nicest looking uniforms, but Boise State's blue field is worthy of some mention. I kept throwing things at my TV because I thought the color wasn't working.

Dan (Indianapolis)

North by Northwest
Does anyone know where I can find "Directional Michigan" Bottom 10 t-shirts? They deserve to be in the top 4 after this week!

Reggie (Gobles, MI)

As a geography major, I was rolling on the floor laughing when I saw the logo for "Directional Michigan"! I was happy to see my alma mater, former double-directional (Southwest) Texas State get the Baylor Bears out of the Bottom 10!

William Flynn (Austin)

You can slap MU on that Directional Michigan place and make it a four-way loss, 164-37

Nick (Orient)

No. 5 is the lonliest number
How could Michigan not make the Bottom 10 after losing to lowly ND?!?

Josh, Bedford

I'm a HUGE Michigan fan, but after their game this past week they deserve a spot on this list... A Michigan team rushing for 56 yards, unacceptable.


How could you pass over Oregon for the #5? I've never seen a team beat itself so badly.

Matt (Cincinnati)

What about the Oregon schools. A combined 0-3 with former #25 oregon unable to beat the Hoosiers at home and Oregon state going from unable to kick extra points and hold leads one week to getting blown out by a team that plays on a blue field. If not for Portland State, the whole state would be a goose egg. C'mon give them at least a honorable mention if not he dreaded 5th spot.

Eric (Dublin,Ca.)

Missouri....as in, Misery....as a native Missourian, I find it unfathomable that you couldn't find an appropriate posting for the underachieving, gagging Kitties (for that matter, our feline brethren to the west, K-State, deserves equal consideration).... If this were a classic Mizzou team, like 1976, they would bounce back to knock off Oklahoma, Texas, and a USC/Michigan/Alabama/Notre Dame type team (of course, wanting to ensure the program's continued demise, Coach Pinkie has worked scrupulously with the AD to ensure that no such opportunities are available).... Come on....Hold that Tiger!

James (Annapolis, MD)

Why not put the Big 12 North on this on Number 5?

Paul (Manhattan)

Gone to Carolina
Dear Bottom 10, I am an avid ECU Pirates fan and we could only be so lucky to square off against the Good Ship Lollipop in a gridiron match up. Rebuilding doesn't bring instant success, and as the fans dwell in the dark galley of the mother ship we need something to take our minds off the hard knocks of Football Saturday. I thank you for jollys, and if I was a football player for the Pirates and read these week after week … I would only hope that this would light a fire in the team's soul so we can get back to plundering...or I'll settle for a few more thunders of cannon at the ole home stadium. Thanks again.

Charlotte, NC

Ouch dude. That diss on the Tar Heels was a little below the belt. Cough … fire Bunting … cough.

Thomas (Oxford NC)

It's too bad UNC and ECU aren't on each others' schedules this year. Otherwise, it would make for a great Pillow Fight that, unlike say Army vs. Buffalo, somebody might actually want to go see. Now if only we can get our state legislators to demand those two schools meet every year, and we're all set.

Jimmy (Durham, NC)

And the nominees are ...
While I can't disagree with Temple, I saw no mention of an Arkansas State team that has trouble stopping my intramural flag football team.

gocards (Norman)

What? No Illinois? Twelve in a row against D I-A opposition ought to count for something! Come on, give the Big Ten respect where it's due!

Oscar Lanzi (Chicago, IL)

Okay, why hasn't Toledo cracked the Bottom 10? They lost 63-14 to Kansas. It would have been worse, but we went easy on them at the end of the game. If we could play Toledo every week, Adam Barmann would win the Heisman. Thanks Toledo, for giving even KANSAS football fans hope.

Travis (Lawrence)

You know you're an SMU fan when... you leave the Battle for the Iron Skillet at halftime to play poker in the parking lot. At least we got David Williams. Go Stangs.

Tyler Bell (Dallas)

Editor's note: David Williams is an SMU senior who finished second in this year's World Series of Poker.

Please make sure to remember that SEC Powerhouse called the UK Wildcats for the next Bottom 10.

Chad (Lexington, KY)

Okay, Rutgers stinks -- yet again -- but PLEASE stop the insults about New Jersey, especially since your "lovely" offices are in picturesque Bristol. Is the sight of the Otis Elevator Tower truly more beautiful than the oil refineries on the NJ Turnpike?