Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, the The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions on the Bottom 10.

Here's what you had to say about the the Oct. 4 rankings:

Give 'em a Buckeye
i am sick and tired of you guys giving ohio state absolutey no respect whatsoever; in the past three seasons with mediocre talent they have lost a mere 3 games - they may not be an overall good team (talentwise) but they find a way to beat their opponents and they deserve better from you

dave (cleveland)

How could you not put Ohio State as your #5 pick? They lost to NORTHWESTERN. Make this Penn State fan happy and put OSU where they belong.

Neal (Philadelphia)

As a native Ohioan, I was pleased to see the Buckeyes on the Waiting List, but I was really hoping for the whole No. 5 ball of wax. Northwestern in 2004 is one of those exquisite moments in Ohio State football history!

Oscar (Chicago, IL)

You guys obviously don't have a clue about college football if you think Northwestern isn't as good as Ohio State's practice squad. The 'Cats have one of the best offenses in team history this year, and if Brian Huffman makes a field goal in week 1 and don't fumble the ball on a key drive in week 2 against Arizona State, we're 4-1 and in the top 25 and an amazing story for all of ESPN.

Omar (Evanston, IL)

The comment about Ohio State was priceless. For the number of times they've nearly lost to unranked teams, it's about time someone finally knocked them off their pedestal. Maybe now everyone will realize how overrated they were.

Tiffany (Oxford, OH)

Dressing down
Put Wyoming's uniforms on the 10 already! Nobody likes them here either. And as for the band, the uniforms might not be great, but their groove and sound are unbeatable in the MWC.


so because Wyoming is winning some games this year, our uniforms and band uniforms has somehow drastically been removed for your waiting list? Id like to see what you morons wear to work every day...


Someone needs to seriously consider putting Illinois' home monochromatic orange uniforms on the bottom 10 list...their defense looks like a bunch of giant Circus Peanuts just watching the other team play.

D Spickard (colorado springs)

FINALLY!!!!!! Kudos for finally putting the Oregon Uni's in the coveted 5th spot. I've been saying since last year that the "Lightning Yellow" and "Thunder Green" unis were much worse than, say, Wyoming's.....

Todd (Madisonville, KY)

And the nominees are ...
How can Washington move up after that no-show against Stanford? If big brother can't hang with a team that has a dancing tree for a mascot, they need to moving up, not down. GO COUGS!!

Dan (Gig Harbor, WA)

I'm relieved to see Central Florida in the Bottom 10 if only for their loss to Eastern Michigan last season. Speaking of Directional Michigan, I can't wait for their return next week. Go Green! Go Broncos! Fire Up Chips!

Rob (Ann Arbor)

Illinois was left out of the Bottom 10. Can't imagine why

Edwin (Rockford, IL)

Seriously, Rice's defense and/or special teams belong on there somewhere. How does a ball-control team score 63 and lose?!?!

Kyle (Houston)

Where are the Blue Devils? I was shocked when I didn't see Duke on the list. Perhaps they don't register on your college football radar, but last I checked they still had a team (1-4).


Bob Dylan and college football. Two of my favorite things. Finally, someone made the connection!!!


How can the Bottom 10 even give votes to Ball State? They have played one of the toughest schedules to date, with Purdue, Mizzou, and BC. The fact that they got a vote shows how ignorant the voters must be.

Alan Rucker (D.C.)

Last weekend was a statement game for UCF. You've ignored them in the past despite having serious Bottom 10 credentials... But no way could you ignore a 28 point loss to Buffalo. Looking ahead O'Leary and company should be 0-9 before a November 13th showdown with Ball State. I smell a "Pillow Fight of the Year" coming up. Mark your calendars now.

Jeff (Ft. Lauderdale)

Man, what the heck does Kent State have to do to make the Bottom 10? They've lost to two former Bottom 10 dwellers in row: Akron and Directional Michigan (Central to be specific). What's keeping them off? A win over I-AA Liberty? The Flashes can't even get recognition for their futility.

Mike (Stow, OH)

The Houston Cougars are a joke. 1-4, with the lone win coming against Army. Losing to Oklahoma and Miami was expected, Rice and Memphis however, was not. Looks like Briles has his work cut out for him; somebody tell him the PS2 offense only works at Tech.

Erik Majorwitz (Tomball, TX)

How come I never see those LOSERS from TUCSON in your bottom 10 list? Those jerks couldn't win if they were a Vegas Casino.

Chris (Stroudsburg, PA)

As much as I hate to say it, THANK YOU! Thank you for putting my beloved Golden Knights on the bottom 10 list. Maybe this will motivate our guys to put down the pillows and pick up the pace!

Chris (Tallahassee)