Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, the The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions on the Bottom 10.

Here's what you had to say about the the Oct. 25 rankings:

Smoke 'em if you got 'em
I respect ESPN and have never had a problem before with any of the content produced on the air, or on the website. However, the photo of Albert with a cigarette mouth holding the spot of the University of Florida Gators logo in the Bottom 10 is quite disrespectful. I'd appreciate it, as I'm sure others would as well, if that photo was replaced with a proper one. Thank you.

Steve (Tallahassee)

Are you guys stupid. How can you put the Gators in the Bottom 10. With all their talent you guys must be retarded. A team can't go from 20th in the nation to #5 on the bottom 10. Wake up you idiots!

Steve Smith

Dog pile
How can you possibly deny the UofWashington Huskies their just desserts -- can't anyone see that they are in the midst of a drive to replace the Black Knights and the Golden Knights in this year's poll? Surely [or was that Shirley Temple the starting QB?] this week they shall prove [if the loss to USC did not]that they deserve the undisputed supreme spot in your rankings. Them dawgs are truly dogs.

Gord (Kamloops)

As an alum and lifelong fan it truly hurts me to say this but, the dawgs need to be on the list. When we fail to beat the spread (20) against Oregon Saturday it will make us undefeated in that respect. I think anyone of the Bottom 10 could hold the three headed quarterback monster scoreless.

Aaron (Seattle)

Pillow talk
Next week's pillow fight needs to be IU/Illinois. The stakes are high, just like last year. The loser will go 0-8 in conference and finish at 1-11 or 2-10. Last year we were the pillow fight...how bout we make this an annual thing? How about the Indiana/Illinois battle for last place presented by SBC. It's a protected Big 10 rival, so it'll be on deck everyear.

Chad (Bloomington, IN)

I can't help but look ahead to November 13th ... Ball State will host Central Florida. Talk about a pillow fight.

Pat (Laguna, CA)

I don't know about you, but I am eagerly awaiting the November 13th game of my university, Ball State, against Central Florida. Last in Division 1, First in the number of students who require a lot of alcohol to watch the game. You should do a GameDay type thing out there. You could tailgate with us.

Luke (Muncie)

House of style
In regards to Wyoming's uniform, hey, they may be unique, but at least Wyoming's not on the list for the way they play! They could be bowl eligible this year!

John, Salt Lake City

"Back by popular demand ... Wyoming's uniforms?" Can our football team and every other athletic team help the fact that we have been trying to change the colors, but have been stopped by old, stubborn alumni? Why don't you ever write about our sports teams? Or is the Mountain West Conference not good enough for you. There are plenty of teams here at this university doing well who will never get your recognition. Why don't you find some other university's uniforms or teams to laugh about? And for the record, our band kicks ass. Thanks! Outraged UW Dance Team Member


I really don't understand how Wyoming's uniforms are that bad. At least our road unis look better than Texas. At least we have some color!

Christy (Laramie)

6 + 4 = 10
As a University of Iowa alum, I have to agree: a score of 6-4 is perhaps the joke score of the year. However, they started drinking heavily in Iowa City LONG before that quote was up there. I'm sure the Field House, the 'Liner and the Column all cashed in.

Chris L. (Spokane, WA)

As a die hard Hawkeye fan, Iowa needs to be recognized for a highly unusual accomplishment on Saturday. Iowa scored all of the points, for BOTH teams. Call it a gentleman's shutout. How many other teams can claim that statistic?


Why has defense became so unappreciated that a game with so much of it is considered terrible? Iowa displayed brilliant defensive football in that game, not worthy of bottom 10.

Bret (South Bend)

I find it interesting that the only statistic of importance in a game to you is the score. Simple because the Iowa-Penn state score was 6-4 does not mean that the game lacked interest. The Big Ten is known for strong defenses, you know, a street-fight type match up. Some people like to watch a race to the endzone, while real men like to see a hard hitting match up. I think it is obvious which of the two you are.....


And the nominees are ...
God bless Gary Darnell. 4 years ago, the WMU-Marshall MAC championship was the highest rated ESPN2 program ever. We were 1 catch away from beating CMU in Mt Pleasant and having a Top 25 football program. Now, we're the "Pillowfight of the Week." Although it will be humorous to read the Florida fans' comments about how "they should not be with these non-BCS teams". A belated thanks to the Ohio St and Nebraska fans from the past two weeks.

John Lee (Rochester, MI)

It's time to seriously consider Penn State (without the Iowa attatched) for admission into the bottom 10. They have played horrible football over the last few years and any top 10 list of futility is incomplete without the Penn State Bumbling Lions.


I can't believe that Arizona is still waiting to crack (pun intended) into the Bottom 10. Their resume includes no PAC 10 wins, no DIV I wins, shutout last week by Cal and those horrible uniforms which make them look like a bunch of deranged blueberries. Can you tell I'm an ASU alum?

James Taylor (Menlo Park, CA)

"Now drop and give me twenty!" Wisconsin's schedule should be put on the Waiting List because it is worthless and weak. All three of its nonconference opponents are on the Bottom 10 or the Waiting List, something not accomplished even by Kansas State! Because of it the Badgers are below Utah in the BCS rankings. Nice way to carry the flag for the Big Ten!

Oscar (Chicago, IL)

For all of us here at Navy please put Army back on the list.

Pete, Annapolis

How about putting the bcs on the Bottom 10? yeah i know they havent screwed up lately, (other than the oklahoma and miami thing of course) but they should get the number five just for destroying traditional college football. tranghese has got to be on a wanted poster somewhere (like in las angeles or eugene). also, perhaps you could consider putting the dot com bowls in there for me. a bowl used to be for a great season, not 6 and 5.


How could the Pirates not be in the Bottom 10?? Completing NEGATIVE THREE rushing yards in a game should definitely give East Carolina a Bottom 10 ranking! It's no fun to lose, but to lose terribly and not be recognized is even worse!!

Emily, Greenville

Hey Bottom 10 Fellas! I noticed Illinois was on the wait list. This weekend is Homecoming in the Illini Nation, and what better way for us to celebrate homecoming than by making it back to our rankings home when Iowa beats us senseless... maybe then we can finally get rid of Loser Ron Turner and get a football version of Bruce Webber.

Raul (Champaign)

How bad is Baylor? Well, they gave Iowa State there first Big 12 victory since November 2, 2002. That's right, 12 straight games. They replaced that streak with one of their own. Baylor has now lost 11 conference games in a row. By the way, did I mention it was AT Baylor?

Russ (Wichita)

Need to give my Huskers another look for that Number five spot. I have a feeling we'll be back there soon enough.

Scott (Denver)

What the heck happened to "Big Red Machine"? Nebraska is the laughing stock of the NCAA right now, as much much as Nebraska fans dont want to admitt it, WE SOLD OUT! Going to the west coast offense was a huge mistake and now we are reaping what we have sowed. Everyone went into panic mode when the Huskers went 7-7 followed up by a 10-3 non-championship season, so we fire our coach and try to fix what wasnt broken, just needed a tune up! God forbid we dont play for the title every year! Dont get me wrong, I love the Huskers and I always will, but please do us a favor and put us back the Bottom 10 where we belong! Not seeing the BIG RED "N" on there gets my empty hopes up that maybe we arent that bad....yeah right!!!

Smith, Yokosuka Japan